Takex TX114TR
Takex TX114TR

Takex TX114TR 40' X 90? Wide Angle, Dual Element, Dual SKU:  VEN11-PUL-TX114TR
Manufacturer:  Takex
Manufacturer Part Number:  TX114TR
Model Number:  TX114TR
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Takex TX114TR
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EAN / GTIN-13:

Brief Product Description:

40' X 90° Wide Angle, Dual Element, Dual


  • Small Animal Resistant
  • Battery Operated - 3V to 9V DC Alkaline or Lithium Battery
  • Relay Output - Selectable N/O N/C
  • 40ft x 90° detection zone,
  • Single head rotates 180 degrees,
  • Vertical and Horizontal head adjustment,
  • Sensitivity adjustment,
  • Pulse count,
  • Selectable N/O or N/C Relay with time adjustment
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