Pro Co LS-82
Pro Co LS-82

Pro Co LS-82 Line Splitter 2 Way

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ProCo Sound, Inc website is SKU:  VEN10-PO-LS82
Manufacturer:  Pro Co
Manufacturer Part Number:  LS-82
Model Number:  LS-82
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Pro Co LS-82
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Line Splitter 2 Way


The Pro Co TradeTools LS82 Eight-Channel Line Splitter splits the signals from each of eight line-level sources into two outputs, as well as provides eight high-quality 1:1 line-level output transformers for applications requiring the high degree of electrical isolation only transformers can provide.

The primary applications for the LS82 are in sound reinforcement systems where it may be necessary to break ground loops between pieces of equipment connected with unbalanced lines, as well as feeding two inputs with one source. For instance, the LS82 can be used to float the unbalanced outputs of an active crossover unit that must drive long cables connected to power amplifier inputs while still offering the direct output for nearfield monitors.

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