Network Video Technolgy NV653T
Network Video Technolgy NV653T

Network Video Technolgy NV653T N.V.Technologies Active Video SKU:  VEN11-NVT-NV653T
Manufacturer:  Network Video Technolgy
Manufacturer Part Number:  NV653T
Model Number:  NV653T
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Network Video Technolgy NV653T
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EAN / GTIN-13:

Brief Product Description:

N.V.Technologies Active Video


The NVT Model NV-653T Video Transmitter is an active (amplified) device that allows the transmission of real-time monochrome or color video on up to one mile (1,6km) using Category-2 or better Unshielded Twisted-Pair (UTP) telephone wire.

The unparalleled interference rejection and low emissions of the Model NV-653T allows long run video signals to co-exist in the same wire bundle as telephone, datacom, or low-voltage power circuits. This allows the use of shared or existing cable plant. Ground-lifting ensures no annoying "hum-bars" when ground potential differences exist. With built-in transient protection, damaging voltage spike problems are eliminated.

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