HID 923NPRTEK00333
HID 923NPRTEK00333

HID 923NPRTEK00333 Rkcl40-P,Pivcls,Se,Term,Blk,Hf Std/Sio/Seos/Fips SKU:  VEN10-HU-923NPRTK3
Manufacturer:  HID
Manufacturer Part Number:  923NPRTEK00333
Model Number:  923NPRTEK00333
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HID 923NPRTEK00333
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Rkcl40-P,Pivcls,Se,Term,Blk,Hf Std/Sio/Seos/Fips


HID Global's pivCLASS RKCL40 contact, plus contactless dual interface reader is suitable for use in security areas meeting the FIPS-201 criteria for both "Controlled" and "Limited" access. When used in conjunction with HID Global's pivCLASS Authentication Module (PAM), the pivCLASS RKCL40 reader provides strong authentication ensuring that the card being presented is genuine; the data on the card has not been changed or manipulated; the card is not a copy or clone of another card; and the card has not been lost or stolen. When used in Card Authentication Key (CAK) mode, it supports reading any PIV-based card with a contactless interface and containing a CAK certificate. When used in PIV+PIN mode, the reader supports on-card-matching of a PIN, reading and validating the PIV Authentication Key certificate.

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