Dotworkz D3-CD
Dotworkz D3-CD

Dotworkz D3-CD D3 Cooldome 12Vdc Active Cooling With Vandal Toug

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Dotworkz Systems, Inc website is SKU:  VEN10-DT-D3CD
Manufacturer:  Dotworkz
Manufacturer Part Number:  D3-CD
Model Number:  D3-CD
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Dotworkz D3-CD
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D3 Cooldome 12Vdc Active Cooling With Vandal Toug



Dotworkz D3 introduces the next generation of outdoor protection for analog and network based security camera systems. As camera technology evolves so has the housings that protect them. Dotworkz D3 has taken this protection to the next level with the COOLDOME™ thermo-electric cooling system for climates where temperatures exceed 105° F (41° C) and reaches as high as 155° F (68° C). Originally designed for video surveillance of the Pyramids of Egypt, the COOLDOME D3 is the ultimate safeguard for your PTZ cameras.

Most cameras shut down in extreme heat leaving an area vulnerable without video surveillance. The COOLDOME D3 keeps cameras operating flawlessly, even when subjected to soaring temperatures and direct sunlight. The solid state cooling system and high-flow fans remove heat without air exchange into the sealed housing, thus controlling humidity that can cause lens fogging and component corrosion.

The COOLDOME D3 turns off and on automatically at set temperature thresholds to generate up to a 45° F (25° C) differential with the outside environment. Besides preventing thermal shutdown, the lower temperature reduces wear on moving parts as well as damage to mounted wireless components, cell routers, and hard drives.

For more than six years, COOLDOME D3 has been used in a variety of mission critical applications, including NASA, Military, Casinos, Dams and border Security operations.

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