CognitivetPG DBT42-2485-01S
CognitivetPG DBT42-2485-01S

CognitivetPG DBT42-2485-01S Dlx,Tt,4.2-,200Dpi,Peeler,8Mb Usb A/B,Serial/Parallel,Us Pc SKU:  VEN12-COG-DBT42248501S
Manufacturer:  CognitivetPG
Manufacturer Part Number:  DBT42-2485-01S
Model Number:  DBT42-2485-01S
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CognitivetPG DBT42-2485-01S
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Dlx,Tt,4.2-,200Dpi,Peeler,8Mb Usb A/B,Serial/Parallel,Us Pc


The Advantage DLX builds upon CognitiveTPG's reputation for exceptional ruggedness and reliability. The simple and intuitive design combined with its metal frame and print mechanism produce exceptional print quality in even the most hostile of desktop environments. Equipped with the latest in processor technology, the Advantage DLX delivers exceptional value with enhanced features and capabilities without sacrificing performance and durability.

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