Blonder Tongue ZCM48550
Blonder Tongue ZCM48550

Blonder Tongue ZCM48550 Z Line Series Dist Amplifier SKU:  VEN11-BLT-ZCM48550
Manufacturer:  Blonder Tongue
Manufacturer Part Number:  ZCM48550
Model Number:  ZCM48550
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Blonder Tongue ZCM48550
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Brief Product Description:

Z Line Series Dist Amplifier



The ZCM-48-550 is an affordable high gain indoor broadband distribution amplifier. The ideal application for this amplifier is for use in a distribution system where the input source is a cable drop or the output of a MATV/SMATV headend. The ZCM-48-550 provides frequency coverage of 54 to 550 MHz and has a flat 50 dB of operational gain. The amplifier also has built-in variable gain and slope controls. This amplifier uses a single push-pull hybrid module and discrete driver stages, capable of delivering high output levels with low distortion, even in systems with 77 channels of programming. A separate preamp (18 dB gain) and postamp (32 dB gain) are included with an external RF loop used to provide overall output capability. The ZCM-48 Series products are housed in compact, aluminum chassis that provides excellent heat dissipation. The ZCM- 48 Series products are provided with an external UL listed power transformer for use with 117 VAC power.


  • 550 MHz High Gain Distribution Amplifier
  • Configurable With or Without Preamp Section by External Coax Jumper
  • Built-In Variable Gain and Slope Controls
  • External UL Listed Power Transformer

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