Audio Design RAMP-PMIR
Audio Design RAMP-PMIR

Audio Design RAMP-PMIR Standard Power Room Amp With Ir

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Audio Design Associates, Inc website is SKU:  VEN10-U1-RAMPIR
Manufacturer:  Audio Design
Manufacturer Part Number:  RAMP-PMIR
Model Number:  RAMP-PMIR
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Audio Design RAMP-PMIR
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Standard Power Room Amp With Ir


As televisions become thinner and sleeker, they simply don't have space for quality speaker elements. It is no small wonder that while image quality has improved drastically, the sound these sets produce boarders on acoustical abuse. Luckily, there are numerous quality speakers and sound bars that can be coupled with today's flat-panel TVs that not only sound amazing, but esthetically have the same look and feel of the TV sets they surround.

Unfortunately, these same all-digital TVs no longer feature legacy analog audio outputs. With only digital audio outputs, you need an audio system that can decode digital audio signals. And because program material might be encoded in any number of digital formats, a simple two-channel solution simply won't do. Enter the RAMP, a component that can even fit behind TV.

Winner of the 2012 CEDIA Manufacturer's Excellence Award - CEDIA's highest product honor, the RAMP is all that one needs to power today's modern flat-panel world. Standing for Room Amp, the RAMP is much more than just a two-channel power amplifier. Featuring both optical and coax digital inputs, as well as a stereo line-level input, the RAMP decodes Dolby Digital, DTS, and PCM digital signals down to two channels with or without a subwoofer (2.0 or 2.1 output formats). Even as you flip through channels encountering different bit streams (i.e. Dolby 5.1 on one channel, Dolby 2.0 on another), the RAMP will automatically downmix all channels to stereo.

The RAMP comes in three versions. The RAMP-PM features standard-power Class-D amplification providing 30 Watts per channel and works in either in fully automatic mode or via RS-232 (full control). The RAMP-PM-IR has the same power amplifier and features of the RAMP-PM but includes an IR learner. Here you can take any IR remote and program its volume, mute and input advance functions directly into the RAMP. The RAMP-HP features a high-powered Class-D amplifier providing 100 Watts per channel and has all RAMP features including the IR learner.

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